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About the history of the Roman Catholic Church - pt 3 - The Beginning of the Church

Posted : Mar-08-2021

The New Testament accounts trace the origin of the Church of Jesus and the Apostles.

Jesus urged the 12 Apostles to carry on His work and teachings. He instructed them by:

  • Explaining His teachings and parables to them.
  • Having them witness His miracles.
  • Granting them the authority to baptize and to consecrate bread and wine.
  • Sending them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal.

The First Pentecost - at His Ascension, Jesus told His follows to spread God's word to all people. Soon after, the Holy Spirit descended upon them and filled them with God's power.

Jesus gave authority to the Apostles, and made Peter the first head of the Church. A faith community slowly formed, linked to Christ by the Apostles (and their successors, the Popes and bishops).

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