An open Lectionary with a candle behind it, all sitting on an altar facing an empty church


Posted : Apr-17-2021

Did you dye eggs for Easter? Do you know that eggs are symbols of life and rebirth? "Rolling" them on laws recalls rolling aside the stone from Jesus' tomb. As a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, many families dye eggs bright red usuing onion skins. (It works!) The Easter bunny has some significance too. In art, a hare represents fertility-but also prey. And of course gobs and gobs of candy represent the sweetness of eternal life. So don't worry that we're commercializing Easter with baskets full of chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. Remember, we're celebrating the greatest feast of all!! Bring it on!!


God, you said, Let there be light. And there was light.

Jesus, you said you would be raised on the third day. And you have risen!

Jess, you say, " Do not be afraid." We are not afraid.

You Lord, are the resurrection and the life, forever and ever.


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