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Catholic Querstions - Adam & Eve

Posted : Mar-31-2021

Did Adam and Eve really exist? Is the Bible true?

Someone once gave us these words of wisdom: "Every story in the Bible is true; some of them even happened that way." What that means is that yes, every story in the Bible teaches something that is true about God and us. It does not mean that the Bible is a history book. Not everything came to pass exactly the way the Bible describes. There are events that happened the way the Bibles says. We know that Jesus came to earth, loved us with all his heart, was killed, and was raised to life again. Other stories teach us truth but probably didn't occur exactly the way described. For example, instead of creating the world in 6, twenty-four hour periods, it seems fairly certain that God gave us the marvels of evolution and created this universe over billions of years. Yes, God created humans, but probably not quite the way the Adam and Eve story suggests. More likley, as creation unfolded, there came a time when God breathed into one part of creation a whole new level of consciousness, creating human beings. And, as the BIble says, God saw that we are good. (What an awesome God we have!) Please continue to read the awe-inspiring stories in the Bible. They might not have happened exactly as the Bibe describes, but they hold great truth for us. In these stories, we can meet God!

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