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Catholic Questions - Holy Spirit

Posted : Apr-07-2021

What is the Holy Spirit like?

When I was in school, I learned a lot about the Holy Spirit. For example, l learned that the Holy Spirit:

  • Is the third person in the Trinity
  • Was experienced in a powerful way on Pentecost by the early followers of Jesus
  • Is given to us in Baptism (and strengthened in us in Confirmation) that we may be holy and true

All these are important and good, but I know more about the Holy Spirit than what I learned in school because, in my life, I've actually met the Holy Spirit! I've experience the Spirit as:

  • The love that burns inside me for God's people
  • The wisdom that guides my living
  • The power that moves me to forgive and be forgiven
  • The peace that I can know even in hard times
  • The joy that l find in my heart from following Jesus

While I can say so much more about how l have experienced the Holy Spirit, I ask you: What words would you use? How have you experienced the Spirit in your life?

Listening for the Holy Spirit at the Synod - OnePeterFive