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Catholic Questions - Prayer

Posted : Mar-10-2021

My husband is out of work and we have been fighting. I am afraid of the way things are going and don't know how to pray. Can you help?

For everyone, life is sometimes sad and scary. It might be hard to remember, but at times like those, we already have in our hearts what we most need to be okay. God has promised to always be there.

Perhaps the first step to praying in difficult times is to remember that you are not talking to yourself. Then, tell God honestly what is on your heart because God always wants to be with us just as we are. In addition to whatever other ways you might pray, in case it is helpful to you, I offer the following prayer:

So many things are changing. The world is different now.

I'm told that I will be okay, but I just can't see how.

Help me to be brave, oh God, when what I feel is scared.

Help me trust that You will help, that love is always there.

I know that You are with me. You'll never go away.

Things aren't the way I wanted, but You are here to stay.

I will pray for you and all our readers who are scared or hurting. May you trust that Love is always with you.

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