An open Lectionary with a candle behind it, all sitting on an altar facing an empty church


Posted : Mar-27-2021

A bowl that once belonged to my mother sits on a table in my living room. Look closely and you will see a crack down the middle, from years ago when a baseball made contact. I've been tempted to hide it away, but it's part of my life, cracks and all, and I've never stopped loving it. So I keep it out, not to remind myself of my rambunctious childhood, but also to remind myself that despite our imperfections, each of us has beauty and purpose. We might make mistakes, but we don't let them stop us from trying again. And we don't let others' sins and failures keep us from loving them.


Lord God, you are so patient with us.

When we sin, you forgive us over and over again.

Give us your grace to forgive others as you forgive us.


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