An open Lectionary with a candle behind it, all sitting on an altar facing an empty church


Posted : Apr-10-2021

Jesus shared an uncomfortable historical truth: namely, that at two moments in history, God sent his prophets to others and not to his chosen people. It's right there in the Scriptures. But instead of taking these reminders to heart and learning from them, his listeners reacted in anger and violence, rushing to Jesus to hurl him down a hill. No one likes to be reminded of dark pasts. But many parents have had to witness the many painful lessons kids have to learn, they know that learning and acknowledging truths are steps in growth. Reflect today on a painful truth you or your kids has had to come to terms with. What did you learn? Try to "balance the beam" again. If anyone falls, encourage them to get up and try again. Talk about what we learn from mistakes, and how that helps us when we try again.


Lord God, we make mistakes every day.

Help us to be sorry when we hurt you and others.

Help us learn from our mistakes and failures, and grow in your truth.

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